MyKiwi Stream Entertainment.Unlimited

We provide IPTV/OTT solution, alternative to expensive cable tv at an affordable price for you to enjoy with your friends and family at your finger tips.

We offer the best premium channels from around the world so you can watch and enjoy endless hour of entertainment including your favorite sports, TV shows, movies live.

You also get to enjoy our extensive collection of Video On Demand (VoD) and live events without paying any extra….

What We Offer?

Live streaming of local and international premium live channels and events as well as Video on Demand TV shows and movies

1000+ Live Channels

Thousands of Video On Demad

No long term commitment

No activation or cancellation or hidden fees

Monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly payment option

Professional and ongoing support

We offer few different types of IPTV service so you can choose what best suits your needs when it comes to entertainment. Being compatible with various device gives you the flexibility to enjoy TV wherever you are, no matter what device you have and whenever you want.

What sets us apart from others is our ability to cater for various people from all walks of life and our ongoing support, compatibility with different platform means you don’t miss out for not having a particular device.

We provide professional support from the time you start with us till you need us, regardless of the issue big or small.

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What you can enjoy....

Sneak peak of contents available for your enjoyment

Why We're different

Premium Channels

More than 1000 premium live channels to choose from as well Video on Demand (VOD)

High Quality

Our contents are of the best quality available including UHD, FHD, HD and SD

Satisfied Viewers

Our viewers are happier than ever with great quality and affordability of our service and network


Available on multiple platform such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Smart TV, PS4, Xbox just to name a few

Fantastic Support

We know there are questions and we’re here to answer all of that with a smile on our face

Instantly Online

No muck around. Service is available to you within minutes after joining

Available Products & Packages

Compatible devices and apps

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do i need to get started

    Any compatible device form listed above will get you going along with your home internet connection.

  • Minimum internet speed required

    The more internet speed you have the better the experience, but anything from 5-10 Mbps for SD quality and 15-30 Mbps for HD/FHD quality

  • Reliability and Accessability

    Service up time is 90%-95% and we make sure you enjoy your entertainment. There will be technical issues at time which will be addressed as soon as possible

  • Quality and Quantity

    Over 1500 live channels from almost every continent in various languages. Stream quality are mixed of Full HD, HD and SD to cater for various internet speed

  • Installation and Support

    The box can be shipped fully configured, just plug and play. For subscription on other devices, all details and support will be provided to get you going

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